Senior Spotlights
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Dara Li
4 days ago
Best of luck to our newest alum!

Every year during senior week, we invite a handful of the graduating senior class who had huge impacts on shaping businesses at HSA as well as building student manager culture. These seniors (although grumpy to be awake at the unreasonable hour of 11AM), shared their favorite memories from their summers at HSA as well as how their experience as a manager helped shape their career goals. Here are their former positions at HSA and where they are headed off to after college.

(From left)

Alejandra Resendiz, an Economics concentrator and a division 1 athlete on the sailing team was the FY18 Harvard Shop Stock Manager and FY19 COO. Alejandra is pursuing a career in management consulting and will be working at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) back in her hometown of Houston, TX.

Ali Dastjerdi, a Statistics concentrator and avid food enthusiast was the FY17 Cleaners Delivery and Logistics Manager, FY18 Vice President, and FY19 President of HSA. Ali is pursuing a career in venture capital investment and will be joining Insight Partners in New York City this fall.

Grace Chen, an advanced standing undergraduate at Harvard received a BA and Masters degree in Statistics. Grace was the FY17 HSA Tutoring Operations Manager and the FY18 Finance Chair. Grace will be working at Goldman Sachs as an Investment Management Analyst.

Katie Cronin, an English Language and Literature concentrator was the FY18 Let’s Go Publishing Director and board member of HSA. Katie will be working as a Renewal Specialist at Smartbear, a tech startup in Boston.

Noah Putnam, an Applied Mathematics concentrator was the FY18 HSA DEV Product Manager and FY19 HSA DEV Managing Director. Noah will be working as a Software Engineer at Palantir Technologies in New York City.

Nick Bunn, an Economics concentrator and varsity water polo player was the FY18 Cleaners Operations Manager, and FY19 Chief Marketing Officer. Nick will be working at Anheuser Busch this fall as part of their global management program.